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Thanks for visiting our site. You’re probably noticing that there are no ads, but you only get limited access to our information. That’s because we’re a subscriber supported news service — the good stuff is reserved for those who pay So please take a minute to understand why we’re worth your time and money.


  • Instant access to 11,607 reviews (as of November 20, 2014) with real-time sorting and browsing tools. You’ll get a temporary password in your receipt, after your payment clears. This will let you access the latest issue and reviews, immediately. 
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  • Keyword searching, plus age, grade, curriculum (common core tags), publisher and platform, with additional custom parameters, and a “deep search” box for finding obscure or historical information.
  • Dated and authored reviews. We understand that reviews are time sensitive, so we date stamp any editing events.
  • The ability to “exchange” information. We believe “a review is the start of a conversation.” Subscribers and publishers are welcome to leave comments and agree or disagree with our reviews. But they must be subscribers. This is not a free-for-all. 
  • Common Core tagging. Because we’re teachers, we’ve been curriculum-tagging products for 21 years with school friendly keywords.
  • Custom lists for specific settings, like preschools and libraries. College game design classes will like this listing of 151 “pioneers” for example.
  • More than apps. We test tablets, tablet cases, games, game systems, Internet sites, virtual worlds, smart toys and other interactive media related products designed for children.
  • A teacher’s voice. Our reviewers have classroom experience, plus reliability training on a rubric to insure that comparisons are accurate. The goal is to give them the voice of CTR’s theoretical mascot, called the “Picky Teacher.” She rewards products that empower children, and foster active learning with higher ratings and her opinion is not for sale. This is why we think that CTR reviews tend to have higher levels of validity.
  • Universal. CTREX runs on any browser with standard Internet speeds.
  • A work in progress. We’re just getting started. Watch for more new features in the future, and tell us what you want.

Children’s Technology Review is subscriber funded to avoid obvious conflicts of interest.

  • No affiliate links. There’s no blurring of the lines between selling and informing. Unlike other review sites, we don’t make a percentage of the sale when you click on one of our links.
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It’s often said “you get what you pay for.” We think that holds true for children’s review sites, and that you’ll consider joining our family of subscribers. We’ll take good care of you. 

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