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PIcky Teacher

We welcome submissions of children’s interactive media from any publisher of any size or part of the world. There are no fees associated with submitting products. Before you send us products, check to make sure your title is not already listed in the Picky Teacher’s Database. You might also want to watch “Working With the Press… Do’s and Don’ts

CTR considers apps, commercial video games, software, Internet sites and smart toys for ages birth-to 15-years-of-age. We don’t look at linear media or non-interactive products, and we can’t insure that we’ll review every product.

Please include the following information with each submission:

  1. The name and a detailed description of the product.
  2. The suggested retail (or street) price.
  3. The product, and any required codes for access or downloading, to give us a child’s eye view of your product.
  4. The recommended age(s) for the product.
  5. Hardware and platform information.
  6. The name, address, phone and URL of the studio who made the product, as well as the publisher (if different).
  7. The street date (ideally we like to see final products 30-60 days prior to the street date).
  8. Screenshots

Final packaging is not necessary.

Where to send materials:

Lisa DellaFave, Editorial Coordinator
Children’s Technology Review
120 Main Street
Flemington, NJ 08822
908-284-0404 (phone, 9 to 3 PM, EST)
908-284-0405 (fax)

How to submit an Internet site

For children’s Internet sites, send an e-mail message with the URL of your site to editor Warren Buckleitner ( Please include the following information in the body of your message:

  1. Site Name
  2. Company name, address, phone, fax, contact name and e-mail address
  3. A short description of your site (give us a general idea of what it is).
  4. Any required codes or passwords

iPhone/iPod/iPad Touch or Android Applications

We use standard equipment for testing.
Send the promo code by email to, as well as any screens, pricing, and a detailed product description. Please make sure the code is working. Also include the name of the app, the Company name, address, phone, contact name and e-mail address.

Award Programs: KAPi Awards (Kids At Play Awards for Innovation) and the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Prize

Products submitted to CTR are also considered for one of two prizes.

The annual KAPi Awards, to be given at the Kids at Play Summit in Las Vegas, NV during the first day of the International Consumer Electronics Show. Here’s how the award program works.

In an effort to identify innovation and excellence in the design of children’s interactive media, CTR Editor Warren Buckleitner and the attendees of the Dust or Magic institute will create a list of nominees, following the three days of testing and live demonstrations that are the normal part of the Institute. The attendees help create the list. During the Kids at Play Institute event, the winners will be selected during the lunch. To be eligible for an award, a product must have the following:

  • prior year’s copyright date. This includes a significant upgrade to an existing product. Minor changes to an existing product are not eligible.
  • designed for ages birth to 15.
  • child appropriate content (EC, E or T rated ESRB content).
  • any form of interactive content can be considered. Non interactive (e.g., video content) is not considered.

November 1  — Deadline for submitting products for KAPi Consideration

January 7 — Award winners and finalists announced

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