KAPi Awards

Winners: 2015

Prior Winners: 2014  2013  2011  2010 

FAQs Details about this prize initiative can be found at KAPi FAQs.

DEADLINES The deadline for the annual KAPi prize is the first week of December.

Products and people are currently being screened for consideration for the 2016 prize, which will be given in January 2016  at the end of the Kids at Play Summit; a one day event held during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The Kids at Play Interactive (KAPi) Awards are given at the start of each year during  Kids @ Play Summit at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The KAPi prize identifies children’s technology products that raise the bar for innovation and excellence during the past 12 months. Products considered include video games, apps, toys with interactive features, Internet-delivered content and virtual worlds. In addition, an individual who has been a pioneer in the field of children’s interactive media is named.


The nominee list is created from titles or interactive products that were reviewed in Children’s Technology Review during the last calendar year, as defined by the publisher’s copyright date. However, you must still fill out an entry form and pay the fee to be considered.

In addition, the attendees of the two fall children’s technology meetings: Digital Kids and the Fall Dust or Magic Institute are polled for nominations using a named ballet system.  A final panel of jurors, consisting of respected  publishers, editors from different media outlets and analysts, reviews and votes on the final list. The Jurors are suggested  by Warren Buckleitner and Robin Raskin; the names of the jurors are listed on the press release and are thanked in the award’s ceremony.  In order to be a juror, each person must recuse him/herself from any category in which there could be a conflict of interest. So it is not possible to vote for your own product. The contest works on a one person, one vote basis.  The jury has final say in the determination of who or what is awarded the prize.

You do not need to formally enter to win. In other words, the judges can nominate any product or person.

However, you can increase the chance your product will be considered by the judges by formally entering.

If you want formal feedback you can opt to pay the $100 application fee for submitting a product for nomination. (You may still nominate a person for the Pioneer Award at no charge.) If you want to submit multiple nominations they are :

1 – $100
2 – $175
3 – $250
4 – $325
5 – $400

These funds are administered by Living in Digital Times; CTR editors have no knowledge of who pays or doesn’t pay.

Use this registration form:


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