Editorial Calendar

We are often asked for an Editorial Calendar…

Because we don’t have advertisers, we are less bound to specific themes, or the need to create issues around pre-defined topics.   Cover stories come from the apps or people we review. 

Here are the general monthly trends:

JANUARY KAPi Awards; Best Children’s Apps of the Year; Editor’s Choice Selections 

FEBRUARY Best children’s eBooks preview; Editor’s Choice Selections

MARCH  Technology Toy Preview (results and analysis from 2014 Toy Fair); Editor’s Choice Selections 

APRIL Announcing the BolognaRagazzi Digital Prize winners; Editor’s Choice Selections

MAY E3; Video Game news;  Editor’s Choice Selections

JUNE  Editor’s Choice Selections

JULY Editor’s Choice Selections

AUGUST Editor’s Choice Selections; Back to school

SEPTEMBER Editor’s Choice Selections

OCTOBER Editor’s Choice Selections

NOVEMBER Holiday buyer’s guide; Editor’s Choice Selections.

DECEMBER Tablets and hardware; Editor’s Choice Selections

All new editorial contributions are due 15 days before the first of the month. Please contact us if you have any questions about specific coverage.

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