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Review Excerpt: The world of apps and screens meets the world of real tangram blocks, objects like pens, coins or anything else you might have in your pocket, with Osmo, an easy to ...

Club Penguin

Review Excerpt: Recurring in-app purchases meet a seven year old’s desire to collect things to decorate an igloo, in this new iPad version of Club Penguin ($free, ...

Nintendo Land

Review Excerpt: Nintendo Land for the Wii U is an invitation to a specialized Nintendo theme park, featuring 12 single- and multiplayer minigames with classic Nintendo characters. Think ...

Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure

Review Excerpt: In this game, you start by choosing an avatar — in this case Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle or Tiana.  Each has a magic wand with different abilities, and ...

Madagascar 3: The Video Game

Review Excerpt: They’re baaaack, for more two-player, co-op problem solving adventures, the zany Madagascar movie animals. This time, you explore a circus, assuming the identity ...

Scoot & Doodle

Review excerpt: Scoot & Doodle works specifically with Google Hangout (you need a G+ account to use it) so that children can draw and doodle, with up to ten other people — ...

Twister Mania

Review excerpt: After you log in using the innovative interface (you see yourself rendered inside the menu, and touch what you want), you choose which of up to eight players will play ...

Toca Kitchen

Review excerpt: Toca Kitchen turns your iPad or iPhone into a virtual kitchen. You start by choosing from one of four characters to feed (a boy, girl, goat or cat).  You then choose ...
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Radica Mindflex Duel

Review excerpt: Two years after the the original Mindflex (CTR Feb 2009), comes Mindflex Duel — with two headsets for two players instead of one, and a higher price. The headset ...

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

Review excerpt: This game came from an extremely non-educational company, called Double Fine, best known for games that the ESRB says are not for children. See for example, Brütal ...

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Review excerpt: This edition follows the same design formula as its two predecessors, as well as many of the other LEGO games. At its heart, it’s really a puzzle game. During each ...
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Yoomi for Duo

Review excerpt: Yoomi is a free, specialized app that works with a special $40 iPad peripheral called the Duo that turns your iPad into a “would you rather” quiz game, for ...

Club Penguin: Game Day!

Review excerpt: Club Penguin: Game Day is a  collection of 12 multiplayer minigames designed for the Wii that can optionally be integrated with the Club Penguin virtual world. So it ...

Road Trip Bingo

Review excerpt: Road Trip Bingo turns your iPhone or iPad into a bingo board. Instead of numerals, the 5 x 5 grid contains a random assortment of items you might see passing by your ...

Moshi Monsters (

Review Excerpt: Update 2010: Now a thriving social community, (much like Club Penguin) Moshi Monsters ( is a family of six zany monsters that live in their own ...

Lucas Arts Announces LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Coming this fall, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, the next chapter for the series that was one of the first to bring drop-in, drop-out interactivity to the games.
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