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Slice Fractions

Review Excerpt: Combine “Cut the Rope” style problem solving with a side scrolling venue that gets progressively harder, and you get the idea of Slice Fractions — ...

Shiny Bakery

Review Excerpt: Cooking can be messy and complicated; but not with this app. The easy to use, clean interface makes it an ideal starter app for older preschoolers or Pre-K learners. ...

Oh No Fractions!

Review Excerpt: In the right of passage determined by any standard elementary school curriculum, every child needs to know if 5/8 is more or less than 1/2. Here’s a free app that ...

Digits, The: Fraction Blast

Review Excerpt: This math app provides a playful experience with some of the concepts behind Singapore Math; namely numbers can be broken into parts, as long as you understand the common ...
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Motion Math

Review excerpt: If you’ve ever tried to bounce a ping pong ball on a paddle, you get the idea of Motion Math — a math drill where you lean your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch ...
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Time, Money & Fractions, Grades 1-2

Review excerpt: This app contains thirty sets of instantly corrected problems interspersed with simple arcade games. Overall progress is tracked on the bottom of the screen with icons ...
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