FAQs about the KAPi Awards

What are the KAPi Awards?

The Annual KAPi (Kids at Play Interactive) Awards celebrate excellence in children’s media, presenting awards to some of the most deserving people, companies and products in the kids’ tech industry. The KAPi prize identifies children’s technology products that raise the bar for innovation and excellence during the past 12 months.

What products are eligible?

Any interactive child-focused products (age range birth-15), including apps and online video games, connected toys, digitally-delivered content and virtual or augmented play experiences.

Products from any country and company are eligible, as long as they are commercially available in the United States. Products must have a copyright date between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 of the current year, although they must be in playable form by November 1.

We also award an individual who has been a pioneer in the field of children’s interactive media and a budding newcomer who has made a significant contribution over the past year.

What products are not considered?

Non-interactive products, such as videos, movies or books are not considered. Only interactive (non-linear) products are considered.

How Do I Enter?

There are three ways to enter.

  1. Enter here by using the online form. This way you get your product recognized on our website (Where inter demographics visit daily). Visibility is your friend. Your name will appear on the ballot and will be top of mind in the conversation among the judges. Your support of the awards is appreciated by all in the industry. This does not give your product special consideration.
  2. Get nominated by “the academy” by write-in ballot at our marketing partner Digital Kids Summit and be seen/tested the first week of November, when the 80 members of Dust or Magic look over the list of new products and make nominations. The final decision is made by the jurors.
  3. Apply for a scholarship. If the jurors feel your product has potential, the entry fee will be waived. Contact Tonda Bunge Sellers: tonda@livingindigitaltimes.com

Can I nominate my own product?

Yes. However, if you are involved in the process in any way, you must fully disclose any potential conflicts on the nomination form.

What is the deadline?

Products must be in playable format by November 1 of the current year, in order to be demonstrated at the Dust or Magic institute. Entries for the KAPi awards are due by December 10 at the latest, but earlier entries give the judges more time to get to know the products.

Is there an entry fee?

Yes, as detailed on the online form. Also keep in mind that there are costs associated to attend either the International CES where the awards are presented.

Who coordinates the KAPi awards?

The prize is operated jointly by Founders Living in Digital Times, and Children’s Technology Review.

What is the motive of these awards?

The KAPi awards recognize excellence in design and innovation. Organizers Robin Raskin, Warren Buckleitner, and Tonda Bunge Sellers coordinate annual events that provide face to face forums for decision makers to touch base on which products, people, and companies should be honored for raising the bar of excellence for innovation for kid’s tech.

Who selects the winners?

Fourteen judges representing all facets of the kids’ media business engage in a series of conversations via phone and email to determine what the characteristics of good kids’ digital play should be and which industry players are most deserving.

When are the finalists and winners announced?

Finalists will be notified on December 20. The prize winners are revealed at 6 PM, January 6, the end of the annual Kids@Play conference, held during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. Winners will be posted at the Kids@Play Summit website. And shared on social media and in a press release.

What does winning a KAPi mean?

Winners receive global recognition in the following ways: permission to display the prize logo on award-winning titles, promotion of the winning title on the prize website and on social media, and presentation of an award during a prize ceremony at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Are the results of my nomination ballots made public?

No. They are consider embargoed material and are not released to the public. Your name is not identified with any product. You may, at your choosing, be listed as one of the nominators.

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