SpongeBob’s Surf & Skate Roadtrip

Review excerpt: Skating/surfing and SpongeBob come together in game for the Kinect (we did not test the DS version). In the game, you must move down a hill (or a river ) and steer to avoid obstacles. In the story, the friends have strayed from Bikini Bottom and landed on a beach. The game features a two player mode that lets you surf or skate side-by-side. The DS version contains a wireless multiplayer function that we did not test (ratings apply to the Xbox version), and a single player mode lets you set off on a road trip with SpongeBob and friends. Content includes 12 courses (six waterways and six seaside streets). The DS version contains 24 boarding maps and 10 unlockable snowboarding stages. Developed by Blitz for Xbox ($50) and by Sabarasa for the Nintendo DS ($30). Subscribers, please log into our database using your password to read the full review along with our rating.

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2 Responses to "SpongeBob’s Surf & Skate Roadtrip"

  1. is produced for the playstation too? if yes, please suggest me…

  2. @Games SpongeBob

    No, SpongeBob’s Surf & Skate Roadtrip only available for DS and Xbox, but i can suggest a spongebob game which I think is better than SpongeBob’s Surf & Skate and absolutely you can play it in your PS console, the game name is “SpongeBob SquarePants Happy Squared Double Pack” .. try it :)

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