CTR January 2012. iPad Killers? Will Wright and Inside an iPad

CTR January 2012

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On Tap for 2012: Another Exiting Year
Here are some specific predictions, some already starting to come true, for 2012:
• More iOS apps. Apple’s continued dominance of the children’s interactive space will carry into 2012, although Android will gain ground. But comparing an iPad with an Android tablet is like comparing Ben and Jerry’s with ice milk. See the reviews of both the Nabi (p. 11) and the Playbase (p. 13) in this issue.
• More innovation— and increased quality. Good hardware makes good software; and the tablet platform will begin to bear fruit in amazing ways. Consider X-Rays on page 14.
• More tablets with strange names. An increase in quality $200 to $250 Android options, and the Amazon Fire begins to increase.
• Increasingly sneaky ways to get your money. In-app sales, ads, and click to buy links will never go away. Every child will need to develop IASLS (in-app sales literacy skills).
• Two new platforms. Both the Wii U and the Sony Vita will debut, further expanding digital play opportunities. The Vita has two capacitive touch screens, letting you “push up” the screen from the bottom, but it is unlikely we’ll see too many children’s titles on it. Wii U brings a completely new two screen experience.
• Other goodies will include cheaper solid state hard drives and large HD screens; more Kinect titles, and fewer spinning hard drives, as solid state components improve.We’ll see a bump in innovation, as toy companies start to reinvest in R&D, smarter virtual worlds and more augmented reality. in short, this is going to be another exciting year.

As I put this issue to bed, I’m off to a very non-DAP (developmentally appropriate place) for a child—Las Vegas, Nevada, for the annual Kids @ Play conference and KAPi awards. If you’re in the vicinity of the Las Vegas Fashion Mall at 6:30 Thursday evening, please come join us for the awards ceremony, where we’ll celebrate the best interactive design from 2011.

What’s Inside an iPad?
iPads are amazing devices, but unlike a computer, you can’t pry open the lid to see what’s inside. In this month’s LittleClickers we visit links and videos that show you the innards of an iPad.

Lasers, Search Lights and Game Design
While we were celebrating the holidays, Scott Traylor was putting together a long lost interview with Will Wright on page 5. After a lot of sanding and a refreshing (including a new post-script) we think we’ve uncovered some gems. In addition, Scott captured the first in a series of three Howard Gardner lectures on YouTube. Have a look http://youtu.be/GincrNxzTwo.

Thoughts from a Kindergarten Teacher
Chris Crowell reminds us that failure is part of the learning process; which is an excellent thing to keep in mind as we charge into a new year full of games, apps and tablets. He includes a quote from Irish writer Samuel Beckett:  “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”
See page 4.


Children’s Technology Review
January 2012
Vol. 20, No 1, Issue 142

Another Monster at the End of This Book, The*, p. 8
Bizzy Bear on the Farm*, p. 8
Bob Books: Reading Magic 1*, p. 8
Bobble Bots, p. 15
Charlie Brown Christmas, A*, p. 9
DaGeDar, p. 15
Deca Sports Extreme, p. 15
Dr. Seuss Band*, p. 9
HappiTaps, p. 9
Hexbug Larva*, p. 10
InnoTab Software – Cars, p. 16
Kirby’s Return to Dream Land*, p. 10
Lexioc-Cognition, p. 16
Madden NFL Football (3DS), p. 16
Magic Guitar*, p. 10
Math Buddies, p. 16
My First AAC, p. 17
Nabi*, p. 11
Need for Speed The Run, p. 17
Nickelodeon Dance, p. 11
One Laptop Per Child XO-3, p. 17
Painting With Time*, p. 12
Plants HD, p. 12
Playbase, p. 13
Rayman Origins, p. 17
SpongeBob’s Surf & Skate Roadtrip, p. 13
Twister Mania*, p. 14
Woogie 2, p. 18
X is for X-Ray*, p. 14

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