Motion Math Zoom

Review excerpt: This math app turns your iPad into a stretchable number line, letting children freely play with the relationship between quantity and space, just like silly putty. This “virtual manipulative” ability is combined with a game — a series of timed challenges that ask you to find a mark on the line. The faster you find the mark, the higher your score. Unfortunately, the only way to get this app is as a free sample that consisting of just level 1 of the 24 levels. To continue, you need to use an inapp sales feature to pay $4.99. The game starts when a bubble floats down from the top of the screen, with a number, like 1.2. Your job is to swipe up or down the number line to find the safe landing spot (in this case, on the 1.2 inches). Scale is shown by creatures lined up along the number line from fleas (for the hundredths), to bees, to rhinos for larger units. Things get harder with correct answers, so you want to see how many points you can earn, and levels you can unlock. Subscribers, please log into our database using your password to read the full review along with our rating.

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