Quantifying the Recent Flood of Children’s Interactive Media

Number of Children's Interactive Media Titles: The First 27 Years vs. The Last Four Years

There’s been a 64.14% increase in commercial children’s interactive media products over the last four years. Said another way, more products have been published in the past 48 months than in the first 27 years of children’s interactive media (graph).

BEHIND THE NUMBERS: From 1984 to 2007, we reviewed 9,306 commercial products for Apple II, IBM/DOS, Windows, Macintosh, OSX, commercial web sites, and cartridges for toy platforms like Leapster and V.smile, sold for children aged 0-to 15-years-of-age. Keep in mind that this is not completely comprehensive. CTR reviews products submitted to for evaluation, or that we found in our research.

Since January 2007, we’ve reviewed an additional 2,291 products; as set containing significantly fewer Windows and Mac titles, with more Nintendo Wii and DS titles and web-related content. Most recently, we’ve seen several promising Kinect titles.

HOW MANY APPS? Since the iTunes App store opened for business in July, 2008, there have been 12,984 apps tagged by apple for “kids” (as of January 9, 2011). This number obviously does not include Android-based apps, and Apple does not reveal how they assign the tags. With the establishment and stability of the iPad, we expect this significant growth trend to continue well into 2014.

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One Response to "Quantifying the Recent Flood of Children’s Interactive Media"

  1. Traci Lawson says:

    Hi Warren,
    Was just rereading this interesting post for something I’m putting together.

    If I understand the ‘tags’ you are referring to, Apple doesn’t assign them. The developer assigns the tags when they submit the app for publishing. Apple does not play an editorial role, with regard to the tags. You may tag your app with any words you like, and put your app in any category you choose.

    :) Traci

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