3 Great Apps for Elementary Art Teachers

A famous artist from Switzerland, animals created from fall leaves, and geometric finger painting are among our top picks. Incorporating these imaginative art apps can help build a great lesson plan. By adding different artistic mediums, students can explore new ways to create art.

ExplorArt Klee – The Art of Paul Klee, for Kids

by Lapisly S.C.P. www.lapisly.com, ($4.99 on iPad , for ages 6-12).

Jump into the mind of Paul Klee – the Swiss-German artist who mixed different art styles. While the interactive design is mid-quality, the content is excellent, which makes sense given the source.


ExplorArt Klee – The Art of Paul Klee, for Kids

There are six nicely animated versions of his paintings including Landscape with Yellow Birds, Dream Town, Castle and Sun, Twittering Machine, and the puppets that Klee created for his son out of recycled materials. Each has a simple activity.

Features include the ability to toggle between English and Italian. There are no third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

Need to know: The activities are not very sophisticated, and the interface is rough at points. Show children where the navigation menu is tucked (slide up from the screen bottom).

Full Review: http://reviews.childrenstech.com/ctr/fullreview.php?id=19129

Labo Leaves

by Labo Lado Inc. www.labolado.com, ($1.99 on iPad, Android , for ages 3-8).


Labo Leaves

Your job is to drag each leaf onto it’s outline to finish the forms. Once complete, the animal is shown in a short, tasteful animated skit. The characters include a butterfly, bird, goldfish, monkey, pig, dog, chicken, cow, antelope, ostrich, bison, donkey, giraffe, balloon peddler, circus clown, dog lady, woman and a band). The animated routines are clever.

No language is used in this app, and the interface isn’t the best, but it starts without a menu — so failure isn’t an option. The bottom line? If you value aesthetics in the materials and books you choose for your child, get this app.

Why we like it: There are hundreds of drag-and-drop puzzles on touch screens these days. But few are as beautiful as this one, and none (that we’ve seen) make the puzzles out of very real looking leaves. Each puzzles starts with the outline of an animal or person, and some colorful fall leaves gathered on the bottom of the screen.

Full Review: http://reviews.childrenstech.com/ctr/fullreview.php?id=18937

Zen Studio

Edoki Academy www.edokiacademy.com, ($free with IAP on iPad ), for ages 2-up.


Zen Studio

This is a “geometric finger painting” experience designed to help children or adults relax by doodling on the screen. As you drag your finger across the screen, you fill in the grid with 14 possible colors. As you do, you make sound patterns as well as visual designs. Content includes 60+ guided projects, the first one is free; the next 59 can be unlocked for  $1.99 (an option behind a multiplication problem age gate), you can unlock 60 tutorials.

Why we like it: Our testers liked this app, and we liked how it helps them see how seed geometric shapes can be used to make larger visual effects. It is possible to turn on/off the sound. The screens come in with cells of four sizes. More complex patterns can happen when there are small cells. Each swipe of a finger produces music to “encourage self-reflection.”

Full Review: http://reviews.childrenstech.com/ctr/fullreview.php?id=18916

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