CTR April 2016: How Ethical is that App?


Children’s Technology Review April 2016 Volume 24, No. 4, Issue 193

Children’s Technology Review
April 2016
Volume 24, No. 4, Issue 193

Children’s Technology Review
April 2016
Volume 21, No. 4, Issue 193

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LittleClickers: Running

Did you know the fastest human can outrun an angry elephant? Or that the there is a marathon runner that is probably older than your great-grandparents? Learn more about running on page 3 or visit www.littleclickers.com/running

How Ethical is an App?

Introducing an Important Quality Attribute CTR’s Quality Attributes (or QAs) are the building blocks for our new “Flex Rubric” rating system. These QAs make up the rubrics we’ve established to help assign more accurate ratings. You can use them to build your own rubric.

To help you understand how these new QAs work, consider two new apps Disney Build It: Frozen and Disney Magic Kingdoms. Both are “paymium” apps, meaning you pay for the initial download, and then are presented with the opportunity to purchase more content or features once the app is installed. These are known as IAP (In App Purchases). On first glance, these two new apps look like a safe buy. Not only have they been featured in the app stores, but they have come from Disney, a publisher known for trusted, family friendly content. The “Ethical” QA, outlined below, helps a reviewer see how and when an app crosses an ethical line.. Read more in the April issue.

Technology Enhanced Libraries: Photos from 2016 Makersday

You don’t need a lot of money… just some faithful volunteers, eggs, huge trash bags, a few extra iPads and some smart phones for Google Cardboard. Falling eggs, flying drones, old engines and electric circuits were all once part of Mediatech in our small town public library, as part of the 2nd Annual NJMakers day. The festivities were part of the statewide NJ Makers Day celebration (www.njmakersday.org), when making activity takes place in libraries across the state, on the same day in March. We expanded our agenda this year, with more activity stations and a two day program. You can find the entire program at www.mediatech.org, and see more photos at www.facebook.com/mediatechfoundation. In the April issue, you’ll see some of our favorite activities, with some notes on what we learned.

Children’s Technology Review
April 2016 Volume 24, No. 4, Issue 193


A Little Goat Builds the World, p. 8
Barbie Hello Dreamhouse, p. 8
Bee Amazed, p. 8
Bud-e Reading, p. 9
Construction Simulator: Gold Edition, p. 9
Disney Build It: Frozen, p. 9
Disney Magic Kingdoms, p. 10
Fiete Math*, p. 10
Fisher-Price Bright Beats Learnin’ Lights Dance Mat, p. 11
Fun With Colors, p. 11
Janosch: The Trip to Panama*, p. 11
Jump! A Game of Numbers*, p. 12
Labo Brick Car*, p. 12
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, p. 12
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam*, p. 13
Math Climber HD, p. 13
Memio – Memorize Diagrams, p. 13
Millie Moreorless*, p. 14
MoMoMonster Memo*, p. 14
Oculus Rift, p. 14
Puzzle It Out Preschool, p. 15
Stack the States 2*, p. 15
Teachley: Fact Flyer, p. 16
ThingMaker 3D Printer, p. 16
ThingMaker App*, p. 16
Think & Learn Smart Scan Color Chameleon, p. 17
Think & Learn Smart Scan Word Dash, p. 17
Think & Learn Spell & Speak Sea Turtle, p. 17
Toca Dance*, p. 18
Tolaca Rocks, p. 18
Weather by Tinybop, p. 19

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