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oct15bChildren’s Technology Review October 2015 Volume 23, No. 10, Issue 187

“In a world where ‘screen time’ is becoming simply ‘time,’ our policies must evolve or become obsolete.” From the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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What’s the lowest cost iPad I can get? 
Next time a tempting new phone or tablet is released, don’t stand in line. Remember the rule of “ninety – fifty – ten.”

A translation: You can get 90% of the functionality of the latest “hot” gadget for about half the cost, simply by waiting 10 months. Here’s the formula applied to the latest new iPad. You spend $430 to get an iPad Air for 90% of the functionality. Spend the money you save on apps.
• iPad Air (16 GB, Wi-Fi only) $394 at http://bhpho.to/1Ri4tHL
• Big Grips Slim case, $30 at http://www.biggrips.com/slim.html

Miss the Digital Kids conference? 
Scott Traylor just posted his videos. Here are the links:

Samsung & Fingerprint Launch “Samsung Kids” 

Samsung Kids is a subscription-based $5/month app service designed specifically for the $150 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite tablet. The yellow rubber bumper is included. Apps come from Fingerprint Digital. The Android tablet only has 8 GB of internal memory, but can be expanded with a Micro SD card. See page 14. Wonder Workshop Launches Programming Language Wonder is a new app-based langauge designed to let children program their Dash and Dot robots. The language has conditionals, sequences, and state machines; plus coding challenges for ages 8 and up. In addition to Wonder, Dot – the brain of the robot is being released as a standalone product for $50.

Children’s Technology Review
October 2015
Volume 23, No. 10, Issue 187
  • Big City Vehicles – Cars and Trucks for Kids, p. 6
  • Billy’s Booger: A Memoir*, p. 6
  • Color Zoo, p. 7
  • Dr. Panda’s Carnival*, p. 7
  • Earth, The*, p. 7
  • Elmo’s World and You*, p. 8
  • Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, p. 8
  • Fishing With Grandpa! *, p. 9
  • Google Cardboard, p. 9
  • Google Expeditions, p. 9
  • Hello Barbie, p. 10
  • Highlights Everyday, p. 10
  • Hotel Transylvania 2*, p. 10
  • JumpStart: Magic & Mythies, p. 11
  • Land of Venn, The: Numeric Storm*, p. 11
  • LumiKids Backyard*, p. 11
  • Montessori Early Reading – Phonics & Rhyme Games, p. 12
  • Name Play*, p. 12
  • Pacca Alpaca Travel Playtime*, p. 12
  • Pepi Garage p. 13,
  • Play All Day Elmo, p. 13
  • R.E.V. , p. 13
  • Red Cross: Accident Prevention and First Aid, p. 14
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite with Samsung Kids, p. 14
  • Sky Viper HD Video Drone, p. 14
  • SmartyPal, p. 15
  • Star Girl, p. 15
  • Tearaway Unfolded, p. 16
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