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jun15bChildren’s Technology Review
June 2015 Volume 23, No. 6, Issue 183

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8 Essential iPad Skills

In case you’ve been stuck in an elevator for the past five years, here are seven essential iPad skills everyone must know.

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What is the IARC (and Why Should you Care?)

In March 2015 a collaborative global rating system for children’s apps was announced that will help regional rating systems like USA’s ESRB move into a global system…

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LittleClickers: Body Noises

Our kids wanted to know; so we found some answers….  about the various types of noises your body makes; and why.

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Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.56.48 AMWe should think of children like buildings…

Other fields tap the power of technology to make buildings that were never possible 10 or 20 years ago. So why does our pedagogy still have so many right angles? [full article is reserved for subscribers]

Children’s Technology Review, June 2015
Volume 23, No. 6, Issue 183

Alphabet Express, p. 5
Bogga Magic, 5
Book Creator*, 5
Captain Maths, 6
Charlie & Company Videos 1, 6
Crayola Color Alive! Action Coloring Books, 6
Crêpes by Suzette, 7
Endless Spanish*, 7
Feed the Line, 8
Fiete: Spot the Difference*, 8
FIFA Soccer 16, 8
Imaginary Friends, 9
Junganew: A Herd of Sounds “S” 9,
Kapu Bloom Tunes*, 9
Kapu Fishing, 10
KiDSAPP: Oceania, 10
Milli: A Small Snail in a Big World, 10
Mystery Word Town*, 11
Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness, 11
Newton – Addition and Subtraction, 11
Pango Zoo, 12
Qread, 12
Scrabble Twist, 12
ShapeKit, 13
SpongeBob’s Game Frenzy, 13
Star Gurus*, 13
Tiggly Words Learning System, 14
TouchMath Adventures: Jungle Addition 1, 14
Tripletto*, 14
Word Creativity Kit, 15
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