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Last weekend at the Mediatech Foundation in Flemington, the first annual Makersday was held. Over 200 local residents came to the second floor of the Flemington Library to “make.” Here are some of the activities, listed with the most popular at the top of the list.

Breaker Day – Dissect old electronics to see how they work. We supplied basic tools, gloves, safety goggles and plus some interesting gadgets including an old lawn mower engine.

Egg Drop – Can you make a structure that can protect a raw egg from a 30 foot drop? And if you can’t, can you help clean up the mess? We broke over 60 eggs. Tip: keep a trash can near the drop zone.

DiY Lightbulb – We’re just 30 miles from where Edison made the first lightbulb. Can you repeat history using the lead from a mechanical pencil and eight ‘D’ batteries? Tip: Watch the instructional video first.

Spirit of St. Louis Flight Simulator — Try to take off and land the Charles Lindbergh’s famous plane, the Spirit of St. Louis. You’ll need a flight controller and on older Windows computer that can run Microsoft Flight Simulator A History of Flight.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman – Because it snowed, we supplied show shovels and decorated a 8 foot snowman with electronic parts taken from the “Breaker Day” station.

LittleBits. Snap together magnetic circuits, to activate motors, lights or sensors using the LittleBits kits.

Balancing Toy Challenge – Make a balancing toy using wire, clothes pins, corks and toothpicks. Note materials must be left behind.

The Magic Glove – Flemington residents Julian LeBrun and Jason Karpinski demonstrated how they paired an Arduino board with a LEAP sensor to give a glove the ability to “feel” objects on the screen.

Google Cardboard – We have four units on site. Visitors download any free app (iOS or Android) on site or in advance to try out some virtual spaces. Search on “Google Cardbard” in any app store to see the apps.

Visit http://www.njmakersday.org/ for more ideas and information about using technology in the library.


From Children’s Technology Review May 2015, page 5. www.childrenstech.com. For more information about Mediatech, visit www.mediatech.org.



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