Slice Fractions Wins Breteau Foundation’s Innovation Prize; and a Ticket to Global Distribution

Slice Fractions

One of the puzzles in Slice Fractions


19th November 2014 – Slice Fractions, the award-winning app created by Canadian-based Ululab, has been named as the winner of The Breteau Foundation’s $100,000 Entrepreneurs for Education Prize 2015.

This year will mark the first award made by the Breteau Foundation, which was created with a belief that if all primary aged children in developing countries are given the same access to education and technology as their peers in developed countries the same results can be achieved.

Slice Fractions is a fun physics puzzle game that also teaches kids about fractions. The game focuses on learning content directly inspired by mathematics and science curriculums. Created by Ululab, Slice Fractions helps deliver its mission to offer video games that integrate conceptual learning without sacrificing fun. Created with the belief that games can make kids love to learn, the business believes this will lead to better perseverance and performances in school but also benefit their personal life.

Awarded as the winner from a strong list of finalists, the judges were impressed with how Ululab has embedded efficient game-based learning solutions with the app Slice Fractions. Despite having only launched Slice Fractions in February this year, the judges noted how the team have demonstrated the tremendous possibilities and impact it can have on learning – not just in one country but also across the entire world. 


Sebastien Breteau, President, Breteau Foundation: “With an incredibly strong founding team, who come with a brilliant heritage in gaming, education and pedagogy and an understanding of its effect on deep conceptual learning, we believe that Slice Fractions and future apps from Ululab can truly have a positive affect on millions of children’s learning outcomes across the world. They are educational changemakers.


We aim to enhance primary school education globally with digital educational tools. Working with Slice Fractions is one of the first steps in achieving this aspiration.”


Francois Boucher-Genesse, President and Co-founder of Ululab: “We are thrilled and honoured to receive this award from the Breteau Foundation. This investment establishes a partnership that will allow us to advance the development of Slice Fractions further and create the next generation of learning games for kids around the world.”


The Entrepreneurs for Education Prize was created to help the Breteau Foundation achieve its aspiration of enabling underprivileged children to reach their full potential through digital learning tools. The Prize awards promising start-ups that are taking pioneering approaches to using technology as a way to enhance education. The winner of the US$100,000 investment, will be an active champion of new approaches to raising primary-level learning aspirations with technology on a global scale and embody genuine entrepreneurism by translating a creative concept or innovation into a solid business model – a true educational changemaker.

The judges for the 2015 Entrepreneurs for Education Award are:

Avid Larizadeh: Avid has been involved in the start-up ecosystem as a developer, product manager, founder, investor, and advisor since 1998. Avid started investing at Accel Partners in London in 2006, where she focused on software and Internet investments. While at eBay, Avid was granted a patent for her work on a suite of selling tools. She serves on the Harvard Business School European Advisory Board. She also leads Code.org and the Hour of Code in the UK.

Nick Perret: Nick is Group Director, Strategy and Digital at Harper Collins, where he is responsible for strategy, M&A, business development and digital product. He previously spent a decade in video games, most recently as EVP & CEO North American Studios at Jagex. He trained in venture capital and management consultancy and is a graduate of Bristol University and Harvard Business School.

Christian Dorffer: Christian is an experienced entrepreneur and strategist with over 15 years of experience advising on strategy and M&A deals around the world ranging from early-stage tech to large blue chip companies. Christian is also co-founder of Mindshapes, an award winning mobile entertainment company. Christian holds a master’s degree in economics from CBS and has completed post-graduate studies at Harvard University.

The winner was announced at an award reception on the 18th November 2014 in London.


For further information on The Entrepreneurs for Education Award or the Breteau Foundation, take a look at our video or please contact:

Becca Williams
Awards Manager, Breteau Foundation
Email: becca@breteaufoundation.org
Telephone: +44 (0) 7703336159

Notes to editors
The Entrepreneurs for Education Prize criteria is:

·       Learning outcomes: The business has a solid approach to answering the need to provide the best digital tools to the world’s underprivileged children through the creation of a global digital curriculum to supplement primary education in developing countries.

·       Innovation: The business pioneers a new approach/business model in product, culture or processes.

·       Strategic direction: The business has created and turned (or on a journey to turning) a business vision into a business reality.  Demonstrates the ability to produce new products, innovate product use and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Entrepreneur demonstrates ability to scale by building strategic alliances and surrounding him/herself with talented people.

·       Entrepreneurial spirit: Demonstrates a real passion for education and sets very high standards for self and business.  Exhibits strong leadership skills and an unflinching desire and determination to be successful.  Entrepreneur demonstrates how they identified a gap in the market and their plan to answer this need.        

·       Financial performance: This is reflected in the strength of the organisation’s financial performance. If applicable; the track record in raising finance; the quality of past investments; if public, market performance over the past 3 years; and the strategies in place for long term sustainability.

 About the Breteau Foundation

The Breteau Foundation’s global network of primary schools will form the basis to make this change happen on a worldwide scale. 

Our operations fall into four key pillars:

  • Build a network of schools across the developing world
  • Provide a digital learning kit (hardware + software) to primary schools in developing countries
  • Drive innovation and support start-ups through the Entrepreneur for Education Prize
  • Publish research papers on digital education in developing countries

The Foundation’s Senior Advisors are the world’s most knowledgeable experts in educational games for children. They oversee the App curation process and provide the Breteau Foundation with highly valuable insights on how to develop the most engaging digital education platform for children in developing countries.

For additional background information on the Breteau Foundation and the Award, please visit www.breteaufoundation.org.

About Ululab
Ululab is a Canadian-based start-up that produces fun and pedagogically sound video games. They strive to ensure that these games are intuitive and will lead to profound conceptual learning. They believe they can push the limits of game-based learning.

Editor’s note and disclaimer. CTR’S Editor, Warren Buckleitner serves as an advisor to the Breteau Foundation. He was not one of the judges for this prize.

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