Quick Clocks

Review Excerpt: Designed to help your child improve their time-telling and arithmetic skills, this app promotes the development of a concrete understanding of time through a variety of activities and games. The app lets children: use Analog Clocks to set and tell the time; use Digital Clocks to set and tell the time; read and set clocks in 12-hour and 24-hour time; use whole, half and quarter hours; compare and convert digital and analog time and 12-hour and 24-hour time; practice mental addition by finding the difference between two clocks; and practice handwriting. The app features practice modes that let children  practice and develop time skills at their own pace, and timed modes that promote the development of time-telling fluency. Subscribers, please log into our database using your password to read the full review along with our rating, and see why this received our Editor’s Choice Award.

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