Review Excerpt: Roblox is both an online community for kids ages 8-16 and a set of game generation tools. The Roblox site (www.roblox.com) contains a collection of home-made games that vary widely in quality. You can find platformers, RPGs (role playing games), FPSs (first person shoothers), racing, and simulations. All use the same physics-based sandbox world and incorporate MMO conventions like Minecraft or Second Life. Players can also customize an avatar to represent them in the virtual world and socialize by chatting with other players and compiling friend lists.The Roblox Studio is used to create games. Special events and scenarios can also be scripted using the Lua language, and a substantial amount of support is available online through the Roblox Wiki and YouTube tutorials. Like many virtual worlds, the basic account and initial downloads are free, and you can do quite a bit as long as you register. But there’s a velvet rope. Subscriptions to the Builder’s Club can be purchased for access to various¬† member benefits, and paid members can manage multiple game worlds, disable ads, create friend groups, and earn badges. Most notably, Builder’s Club members have an advantage over free players in the economy. Subscribers,¬†please log into our database using your password to read the full review along with our rating.

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