Game & Wario

Review Excerpt: Game & Wario is a collection of games designed speficially with the Wii U GamePad in mind. Games include Pirates (look left, right, and above to block arrows fired from a pirate ship using the GamePad as a shield), Gamer (play the classic WarioWare microgames on the GamePad, while keeping an eye out for mom on the main TV. When mom is close, a few quick button presses on GamePad will help players pretend they are asleep); Shutter (try to spot a list of targeted suspects or actors on the TV, then zoom in and take pictures using the Wii U GamePad as a camera); and Disco (holding one side of the GamePad, two players alternate tapping the touch screen to battle each other in a disco competition). Subscribers, please log into our database using your password to read the full review along with our rating, and see why this received our Editor’s Choice Award.

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