Are These 5 Star iTunes Ratings for Real?

We’re not going to accuse somebody of posting fake ratings. But when a poorly designed app gets 23 five star ratings, things start to look fishy.
If you’re the publisher and you’d like explain what’s going on, or if you’ve written one of these reviews and can vouch for your rating, please post a reply.

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One Response to "Are These 5 Star iTunes Ratings for Real?"

  1. Jill says:

    First let me say I have NEVER paid for reviews in my apps but as a developer I have received spam emails from 3rd parties that provide pay for review services. It is not entirely uncommon, some 5 star reviews don’t even make sense when you read them because the individuals that leave them are in a different country and can’t speak english. Because the app store favors giving visibility to apps that have more reviews, 5 star in particular, there are companies that game the system. A game called “Anna’s Dress Up” is one I’ve stumbled upon. If you scroll through the reviews you see reviewers with similar names, or say weird things.

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