Kinect Nat Geo TV

Review Excerpt: We’ve all grown used to the notion of watching TV. Now it can watch you back, providing you have one of two Kinect titles — Kinect Sesame Street TV, or Kinect Nat Geo TV ($30 each, from Microsoft Studios). The catch, of course is that you need Microsoft’s $250 Xbox 360 Kinect video game system to make them work.  Each title comes in a single jewelcase with two disks containing recent (2011-12 season) television episodes with games that invoke Kinect’s motion-sensing camera and microphone. Additional episodes, offered for sale from the main menu cost $5 each and required both an Xbox Live account and free hard disk space. In the Nat Geo title (also two disks with multiple episodes) you can take pictures (screen captures) by shouting at the Kinect microphone, or become an onscreen bear, complete with a bear head and paws. You then earn points by scratching rocks to scare-up moths, snapping them from the air with your mouth. Subscribers, please log into our database using your password to read the full review along with our rating.

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