It takes many people to make CTR work. Besides the full time staff, listed below, the list includes volunteers, interns and contract workers. Here are the bios of some of the key personalities behind CTR.

Warren Buckleitner is the Editor and Founder of Children’s Technology Review. After five years in the classroom and 10 years at the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation, he established Children’s Software Revue, earning him SIIA’s First Journalism Codie Award for “Best Software Reviewer.” He’s a Sr. Advisor to the Breteau Foundation and has been a contributor to the New York Times, an adviser to Consumer Reports WebWatch, a judge for the KAPi Awards, the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Prize and the Golden Lamp awards. He teaches at TCNJ, and has taught at MSU, NYU’s ITP program and at Rutgers GSE. A former preschool and elementary school teacher, he holds a BS in Elementary Education (cum laude), an MS in human development and a Ph.D. in educational psychology from Michigan State University. Warren is the founder of the Dust or Magic Institute and the Mediatech Foundation. He has two daughters and plays in a Dixieland jazz band. Contact


Becky Lingelbach, Editorial Coordinator and Circulation. She holds a Master’s degree in Media meManagement from the Metropolitan College of New York and has a background in corporate marketing and project management. Becky is the proud pet parent to her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Contact


Megan Billitti is the editor for LittleClickers, CTR’s ongoing column on interesting, child-friendly Internet sites and YouTube videos.  She holds a BS in Recreation Therapy from Arizona State University. Megan is the mother of two sons (who help her write CTR’s LittleClickers column) and two dogs. Contact


Matthew DiMatteo is the Director of Publishing at Children’s Technology Review. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with a Master’s degree in Entertainment Technology and a background in game design and digital media. Contact


Michael Sluby, Ben Kates (video intern), David Hilgen (Editing and PR); Interns: Zig, Mike, Corey, Joe

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