2012 BRDP Results



Dans mon rêve, e-Toiles Editions – France

THE WINNER, by a close margin, was from France. Dans Mon Rêve by De e-Toiles Editions nosed out the others by combining original art by Stéphane Kiehl with a tried-and-true non-linear interactive technique. It’s worth emphasizing that old fashioned attributes like good narrative and original art still count (a lot) in the digital age. This is a simple app – The idea is that you illustrate a dream and a three-line poem at the same time, welding together the images with the words. The educational implications of this technique, for emerging readers were also considered by the jurors. Finally, this was one of the few apps that broke the “read to me” and “let me read” way of thinking.


The Numberlys by Moonbot Studios – USA

The Numberlys, an app that we jurors called an “impressive feat of animation and design” and “one of the most sophisticated, creative alphabet books ever made.” Other winning attributes included a multi-layered story that could appeal to both children and  adults, original art, amazing craftsmanship, and hooks for social play — so two children could play together.

Quem soltou o pum? Amendments Editora Schwarz – Brasil

The other selection was from Brazil. Quem Soltou o Pum? (Who Let the Fart Out?) by Atendimento Editora Schwarcz. The jurors voted for the story, noting the love, wit and humor that came through the multi-touch screen. This app is a reminder that interactivity should never get in the way of a good story.

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